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Mosquito, Tick, Rodent & Wildlife Repellents

Mosquito, Tick, Rodent & Wildlife Repellents

Skeeters, Ticks, Moles, Rabbits & Deer...Oh My!

Protecting yourself, your family and your landscape from mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, rodents and damaging wildlife begins with awareness of their presence. The second step is to impede their reproductive cycle.

For example, mosquitoes require water for their eggs to develop and hatch. Adult mosquitoes will actually lay eggs while they wait for sufficient water to accumulate. Removing items that can collect standing water in your landscape can help eliminate these pests. Suggestions may include:

• Submerging and extending downspouts to disperse water into turf areas and below the ground

• Leveling low areas in your landscape where water doesn't drain properly and instead, tends to pool

• Adjusting irrigation systems to prevent over-saturation

• Removing bird baths, children’s toys and pet dishes where water collects.

CPHort inspects your landscape for mosquito, tick, rodent or other wildlife breeding grounds and can help eliminate them. We offer an organic mosquito, tick, rodent, deer and wildlife repellent. We also offer an insecticide/rodenticide that kills mosquitoes, ticks or rodents on contact and/or repels them for weeks. A scheduled program is important to maintain control of such pests and should be considered for season-long control.

While it doesn’t seem that Zika Virus is something that we need to be particularly concerned with in this area, it does speak to a larger concern about mosquitoes in general. Mosquitoes are responsible for transmitting numerous diseases to humans that cause an estimated 700 million illnesses that resulted in a million deaths annually. No other organism on Earth is more dangerous to humans than the mosquito.

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