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Hardscape Installation & Maintenance

Hardscape Installation & Maintenance

Offering Sustainable Beauty, With a Purpose

The driveway, walkway and entrance area are your visitors first impression. So, what is your entranceway saying?

Hardscape elements, such as driveways, walkways, seating areas, patios and retaining walls create a visual outline of your home, property and garden areas, adding beauty and intrigue to your landscape. In addition to offering a warm, inviting, natural feel, they can help emphasize features of the space. Hardscapes can also define specific areas, creating visual transitions from one part of the landscape to another, for example, from a walkway or patio to a softscape centerpiece.

They can also serve a functional purpose.

Uneven or sloping areas can benefit from the installation of a retaining wall. Though aesthetically pleasing to the eye, retaining walls can also prevent soil erosion and flooding, while protecting softscapes, such as flower beds, delicate plants, and shrubs. The installation of pergolas and gazebos provide areas with shelter from the elements while offering an interesting focal point.

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